1st Year


Description including Unit Aims

Processes of genesis and differentiation of magmas. Physical and chemical behaviour of magmas and their constituents at variable pressure and high temperature. Magma rheology, crystallization kinetics, volatile phase liberation during magma ascent through decompression and cooling. Solubility of the main volatile species in silicate magmas (H, C, O, S, Cl and F). These aspects are of compelling importance to establish volcanic hazard evaluation and simulation of processes responsible for both effusive and explosive eruptions

Intended Learning Outcomes

The final goal of this course is to develop the students’ ability of understanding the main physical and chemical factors influencing magma behaviour during explosive and effusive eruptions. The student will be able to use analytical and experimental data in order to interpret pre- and syn- eruptive volcanic processes, and use these to define reasonable scenarios of volcanic hazard.

Assessment Information

Oral exam


For Italian students, please see

For foreign students, please see Admission regulation with reference to second cycle degree programme (laurea magistrale – lm)

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