Leading scientists from University of Napoli Federico II and INGV – Vesuvian Observatory in Napoli joined together to offer a cutting-edge two-year master course.

Where are we

Courses are held in Napoli at Earth, Environment and Resources Sciences Department (DiSTAR) of Federico II University  – Monte Sant’Angelo campus  – building L.

How to reach us

You can reach the campus by bus from the Campi Flegrei metro station (line 2 Trenitalia), from Mostra station of Cumana railway line, and by several private buses from other towns in the Napoli neighborhood.

Why enroll?

Job opportunities

Main job opportunities are to work for government agencies in hazard management, to work for volcano observatories, or in the commercial sector for either geotechnical-geophysical companies, or risk management and reinsurance companies.

On positive completion of the course, after graduation the Italian national exam (state exam) to become a geologist can be taken

Lesson start has been postponed to October 2 2023

For the admission

Admission to the programme and prerequisites

For the admission to the MSc in Volcanology students are required a basic knowledge of basic fields as geoscience, general and inorganic chemistry, physics, mathematics.

To enroll in the master program, you need

  • A Bachelor (min 3 years) in Geology, Physics or Chemistry or equivalent degree.
  • Alternatively, a minimum of 60 CFU in geologic, mathematics, chemistry and informatics related subjects
  • Alternative careers will be evaluated on a case by case basis by the admission committee

The graduate program can enroll students holding a certificate of proficiency in English internationally recognized. English level B2, i.e. the fourth level of English on the CEFR scale, is the minimum required. If the English language level is not officially recognized, a placement test can be supported by teachers of the course.

Student' Guide

For Italian students, please see 
For foreign students, please see 
http://www.international.unina.it/admission-regulation/ with reference 

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