1st Year

Volcanic landforms and landscapes

Description including Unit Aims

Main volcanic landforms and their evolution; reconstruction and morphometric characterization of monogenetic cones (tuff/cinder/scoria cone and rings) and complex volcanic edifices (basaltic plateaux, volcanic fields, shield volcanoes, strato-volcanoes, fissure volcanoes; calderas) by means of remote sensing and GIS-based morphometric analysis. Drainage on volcanoes and related erosion features and hazard. The volcanic landscape of Napoli and its surroundings: geomorphological and geoarchaeological evidence of interactions between humans and natural processes…

Intended Learning Outcomes

To recognise the main volcanic forms and characterize them by morphometric analysis; assessing hazard and erosion rates related to drainage systems

Assessment Information

Oral exam.


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For foreign students, please see Admission regulation with reference to second cycle degree programme (laurea magistrale – lm)

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