2nd Year

Volcanology Field Course

Description including Unit Aims

This program includes a short theoretical introduction and regular fieldwork with faculty guidance. Data collected on the field course will be used in later parts of the module. The emphasis is on understanding the processes underpinning volcanism and eruption styles, and the interpretation of these processes from volcanic products.

Intended Learning Outcomes

Field studies in volcanology concentrating on physical aspects of volcanic processes. This course provides the student with comprehensive training that covers several aspects of volcanic geology. Our training focuses on developing the skills and knowledge that will enable the student to carry out his/her own volcanological fieldwork on active volcanic systems. By the end of this Course, students will have knowledge of the basic principles of volcanism. They will be able to explain the mechanism of various types of volcanic eruptions, interpret volcanic deposits and their stratigraphic successions.

Assessment Information

Written exam with either an obligatory or optional oral part. The written exam consisting of multiple choice, short answer essay and problem-solving questions and report on field activity.


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For foreign students, please see Admission regulation with reference to second cycle degree programme (laurea magistrale – lm)

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